His and Her Pedicure for Sexy This Week


There’s fun to be had in his and her pedicures. Couples spending time together, enjoying each other’s company, sharing a laugh, or an uncontrolled giggle from a foot massage, and the application of a daring shade of polish on his, and her toes. His and her pedicures that’s what sexy this week.

In today’s age, the so called “modern age” women have been getting pedicures since most of us can remember. However it is noted that it wasn’t until the year 2000 that the pedicure started to grow in popularity. Mostly amongst the women and a few daring men, brave enough to roll up their trousers and show just how much of a man he truly is by letting a complete stranger get to work prettying up those feet and toes.                                                                                         sexy-this-week-63-his-and-her-pedicures-3

Historically pedicures have been performed for over 4000 years. Babylonian noblemen using solid gold tools to primp and preen their hands and feet. Nail polish traced back to 3000 BC in China with red and black as the colours of choice for the royals of the Ming Dynasty. The Egyptians go as far back as 2300 BC with carvings recorded in the tombs of the Pharaohs, again with varying shades of red used by those of the highest social standing. Did you know that military commanders of Egypt and Rome painted their toenails to match their lips before heading off to battle? Talk about getting ready for that performance!

All those years of fabulous feet and toes, and suddenly nothing? I’m sure the Victorians had something to do with the decline in pedicures amongst the men, at least publicly. However this is the new age we live in, and I say, “dammit guys, get out there get those feet and toes, cleaned, scraped, massaged and a lovely colour applied to those toes!” Let’s be honest, in the winter months, no one will see those toes on all you macho men worried about what your buddies will say. You’re wearing socks!

Spring and summer might be different when most of you get out those style less things you slip your feet into, the flip flop. UGH! Jazz up those feet and toes, hold your head high, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in, and strut!sexy-this-week-63-his-and-her-pedicures-4

Of course you could be one of those guys whose Domme is ordering you to get a little pretty in pink, devilish red, or smouldering in some dark and sexy shade. Colours just masculine enough to make you wriggle those toes in naughty delight on full display.

Do it boys, and be a man! It’s sexy this week!

FingerNails, Long and Luscious, with Holiday Colours Worth Getting from CND Review


My finger nails are something I always have! It’s just one element that goes into being me!

Long luscious fingernails that I feel finish and compliment my hands. Something I know a lot of other women feel the same way, just as they do about their hair. For me its all about the total ook from top to bottom.

Yes I’m high maintenance, but it’s maintenance I look after no one else. I choose it, so I work on it! Starting from my health from the inside out, eat right, trips to the gym, my hair, make-up, clothes and the finer things. 

Again my fingernails are no exception to that rule, and I’ve added them to my schedule of monthly maintenance! It’s a treat I give to myself and I’m very appreciative of that fact, to be able to treat myself to some of these finer things in life I covet. I work hard, and some would say I play hard. Meh! 


Beautifully Manicured Sexy Nails for Sexy This Week



Beautifully manicured sexy nails, that’s what sexy this week. Many of us remember being told  “don’t bite your nails” which doesn’t stop some folks from gnawing away, while others take great care to file, buff, extend and polish the horn-like envelope that cover the tips of fingers and toes. Beautifully, painstakingly painted, and well cared for to finish off the fingers and toes, beautifully manicured nails, that is what’s sexy this week.



For millennia, well manicured nails have been much coveted, a status symbol of days gone by that have attracted the attention of all sexes. Young or old are drawn to looking at the finishes that adorn the tips. Bright shiny, or matte colours, patterns, nail art and little sculptures, even jewelled adornment now add to the allure of a finished nail.