The Pretty Little Leaf

Pretty Red Little Leaf

The Pretty little leaf is what’s sexy this week!

There I was, shit, showered and shaved, dressed and ready for the day, over my morning anxiety with my “kick ass” attitude dialed in at a level ten as I went out the door to face the day. My clothes perfectly coordinated of complimentary colours, matching jewelry, makeup applied with the precision of surgeon, and my hair all neatly hot-rollered and set. I was ready! With chin held high, shoulders back, tits out, and stomach in, I walked to the bus stop to patiently wait with all the other morning riders.

On the bus, I made myself comfortable for the 15 minute ride to the skytrain reading the morning paper as we rode over the bumps and potholes that dotted the downtown streets of beautiful Vancouver; the city I call home. The bus’s arrival at the skytrain always greats me with a certain amount of irony, its the skytrain, but at this juncture it runs underground. It always gives me a brief moment of contemplation as I descend to the train’s platform quietly crop dusting as I make my way deeper into the ground.

Hey, there are many times when the human condition takes over, we’re not all that different from each other.

The train ride is usually uneventful, and fast. A total of 8 minutes and I am there at the other end ready to transfer to the next bus to take me to my final destination and start work. However today, my “kick ass” attitude has me deciding to walk that 20 minute jaunt rather than bus it.

Feeling good and halfway there, I’m suddenly assaulted with a heavy and loud plop onto the back of my head, and gorgeous, I remind you, neatly hot-rollered and set hair. My cool calm confident demeanor was suddenly destroyed. I could feel the anger rising up in me like the red liquid in a candy thermometer that quickly rising to that hard crack stage. I was mad!

All I could think about was that big blob of fresh steaming bird shit mixing with my beautiful hair with the moistness settling on my scalp. I know it’s considered good luck to have that dropped on anyone, but today, I just wasn’t feeling the luck. Reaching up with my leather gloved hand, I expected to wipe away the remnants of that casually dropped bird bomb. Instead, as I picked out what had settled on my hair, I was presented with a small red leaf.

A pretty little leaf, perfect in all manner, and still glistening with the not yet evaporated morning dew. I stopped to study this beautiful leaf! As I began to look closer, multi coloured, almost holographic shades of red were glowing back at me. This leaf was beautiful!

I followed the stem through to the veins that spread out across this leaf to form the panels of colour between each vein. Colour that started as a lovely warm orange bleeding into a fuschia red, deepening to lip smacking crimson, and finishing at a warm purplish brown. Although it was a dying leaf, the colours were to many to describe, yet in this dying leaf, still vibrant, alive, it was beautiful!

A little leaf that in an instant made me boil over with anger at my perception of it being a dreaded bird turd.

Questions formulating, from why to how resulting in the heat of my anger. Why did I get so mad? Why did I let that happen? How is it that a simple thought created that anger? Was it much deeper?

I didn’t want to delve to deep into my mind there on the street, but rather shrug it off, laugh at the absurdity of my reaction and move on. In future, to learn to not get so heated, because whether a bird dropping or leaf, it shouldn’t have mattered to that extreme. Rather to believe and know that I need to slow it down, look at life from the perspective I always did and usually do.

The perspective that life is beautiful, bird shit and all, and take it in stride, it could have been something altogether different!

Love, learn and laugh

The Male Chest in a Fitted Dress Shirt, That’s Whats Sexy This Week!

I’m not one to shy away from shameless exploitation of the sexes, especially if it’s all in good fun. As we slowly ebb into fall, all those beach bodies on glorious flagrant display are opting to modestly disappear behind the opaque barriers of fabric. With the fall, comes the addition of clothes for the creatures of the beach, setting the stage for a new form of ogling to take place. The male chest in a well fitted dress shirt, that’s what sexy this week. I love the cut of a well tailored dress shirt and the way it fits the body. The buttons, the cuffs and collar, yoke, colours and patterns, sewn together to form the garment worn for business, casual, or a hot night out. Well pressed and starched to lay smooth across a well defined chest and dutifully conceal the results of long hours at the gym.
    Did I say I love dress shirts? Have I been making that clear? The sculptural shapes reminding me of Greek or Roman statues, so stylish, so sleek, so sexy, have me flicking my head from side to side giving meaning to the term “self whiplash”. Yeah, I may be a bit eclectic, ok maybe a lot, but I’m sure I’m not the only who appreciates good style on a man. Aesthetics aside, there’s the symbolism, the ideology, the metaphors………..who am trying to kid? I love dress shirts, I love the way they look and fit, and feel, they are sexy, all day, all night, and when I go out, I always prefer a button up shirt on the men with me. Just saying……. That’s what sexy this week, the male chest in a well fitted dress shirt.

Fairytales and Castles, That’s What’s Sexy This Week

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

My family hails from a small but steeped in history country, Denmark, a country of fairytales and castles. Soft rolling hills, green pastures, 1000 year old cities. A country surrounded by bodies of water that cradle this now peaceful land like two gentle hands that meet at the tip top in a place called Skagen. The trip to Skagen is magical as you drive you through countrysides of soft rolling hills, and sand dunes that have a life of their own, that literally eat up the buildings of yesteryear. Creamy white sand reclaiming what man has made returning it to the elements from whence it came. Sexy This week-fairytales-castles-Skagens-sand-engulfed-churchA road trip we took many times through country dotted with architecture and structures from a time gone by. Structures of stone and metal, manors, and castles of grandeur, that for most people can only imagine seeing in their dreams. Dreams that bring to life stories, feelings, and thoughts of hope and the future, fairytales and castles, that’s what sexy this week.