velvetWelcome to the world of Velvet Steele, Canada’s premiere transsexual fetish lady!

Picture a 6′ tall statuesque, fit blonde, with measurements 36FFF 30 39 in form-fitting dresses reminiscent of the 40’s 50’s and 60’s. Then add sky-high stilettos, glorious make-up, a few tattoos, luscious nails, a killer sense of humour, oh and the fact she’s transgendered and voila! You have, me, Velvet Steele!!! Living life, love, and a bit of sex, a lot of sex!

Well it has been said that I was originally bred on Venus but the truth is my origins are a lot more humble than that. Born in Ottawa my family left for England after my brother was born some 13 months later only to come back to Canada on a boat when I was 4, the Empress of Canada, where we sailed from South Hampton Harbour to Quebec City to finally settle in Toronto.

At 21 I moved to Denmark, where my family is originally from only to came back when I was 22. At 27 I relocated to beautiful Vancouver, BC, a place I visited when I was 16, and I haven’t looked back since!

One thing for sure is that life hasn’t been without challenges. I’ve taken them all in stride, played every hand of cards dealt to me, growing, learning and nurturing my interests. From my unconscious curiosity in sexuality to my interests in human eroticism and the Fetish/BDSM arts, discovered while living the “punk rock” life as a young 14 year old.

It was during my adolescent years, that the gender issue became very real and present, a hand of cards I laid on the table for all to see. A hand I won, taking a trip to England to correct with a surgeon in Sussex Nuffield in a procedure called SRS. Of course not before setting precedent in BC by acquiring the rights to the surgeon of my choice by fighting the BC Medical Services Plan with the help of the Ombudsman and my lawyer. Little did I know this action would lay the ground work for my journey to come.

I’ve been a practicing hairstylist and make-up artist for over 25 years, have a fashion design certificate, done, and do fetish modeling, and now photography and videography. I am also a Dominatrix practicing and playing both privately and professionally; just as long as I have been doing hair.

I was co-founder of the BPSC (Body Perve Social Club) presenters of Fetish Night considered to be the forerunners of the “dressing for pleasure” fetish community here in Vancouver. An event that ran for 10 years before closing our doors to pursue other endeavors. I’ve been featured in all forms of media, and most notably the first season of KINK.
I am still an avid supporter of other like minded groups.

More? How about co-founding the non-profit society (WEAVE, West Enders Against Violence Everywhere) that addressed the issues of community violence and became a informational module that grew to a level respect on the civic, provincial, and federal levels of government? This won me the Rita Rhinestone Pegasus Humanitarian Award 2005, and numerous accolades . This solidified my love of fighting for human rights, still doing today.

What now? Well currently I am putting all my experiential knowledge to good use lecturing on the university circuit, trades shows, and acting as sensitivity facilitator for the City Of Vancouver speaking to groups on Sex Work. I still maintain a healthy client base for all my services. I am a political activist and sexual health advocate. I also review sex toys!

Pretty diverse? I think so, and I am here to share that with you through my art, opinions, and love. Presented in many formats for you to pick and choose from and if you have a question, a nice polite question, then don’t hesitate to ask and send it to me here, I’ll do my best to answer.

Enticingly Yours,
Velvet Steele