Sexy This Week; Focus

STW 50) Focus

A central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity, to concentrate: to focus one’s thoughts; verb (used without object), focused, focusing or focussed, focussing. To be or become focused.

We need it, we try to do it, we work hard at maintaining it, and struggle very hard to keep it, for the long or short term. With a goal, you need it, it’s not a want, and with it, a certain amount of strength is required to keep it. With your eyes on the prize, you need it, focus, and that’s what sexy this week.

Distraction is easy, and like a bad, if I may be so blunt, FART, it is ever creeping and lingers all the time and everywhere. You hear it, you smell, and sometimes you see it.STW_50_horse_blinders

I’ll switch gears and use another descriptive, but I think you got the point with the previous πŸ™‚

To keep focus on a race to run the best, fastest and most focused, blinders were and are put on a horse for maximum performance, even human beings used them and they were thought to do a world of good. On a horse yes, on humans, not so much. Of course the fetishists caught on and use them for an entirely different purpose. I get this purpose, the stw_50_woman_blindersbullshit ad? Not so much.

It takes strength and determination to maintain focus to get to that goal. I’m not here to poo-pooh all you folks who sneak a treat, have a drink, indulge in whatever it is, no. I’ve done just that, snuck a treat, had a drink, ok the bottle, and indulged profusely.

We all make decisions necessary to get to that goal while maintaining focus, and if we deviate from that path, remember, YOU made that decision, no one else did.

So step back, be true to you and the choice you made to develop that focus. Realize it’s you that has the power, and the control over it. Keep it, maintain it, focus, it’s strength in itself you may not be physically able to see.

Deep down however, within your thoughts, its strength you feel, and it’s good!

Sexy this Week: Goals


We all want a positive outcome to everything we do in our lives, no matter what that is. For me and those in my life, be they acquaintances or my close personal friends, those results are of the happy, life affirming kind. The challenges we set for ourselves as human beings in getting from point A to B putting us through it. Without the fear, excitement, and the need, or want to make a change, most will never get there. Making a plan and committing to it, to get to that end point, GOALS, that’s what sexy this week.

In younger years we set them without actually knowing what they are. We go to school, take up sports, get involved in the arts, or take up hobbies, things or actions done because they are for the most part fun. We weren’t actually thinking about what that meant to take on interests and work to a purpose. (more…)