Happiness, That’s What’s Sexy This Week


In my youth, my Mom would take the whole family downtown to the CNE each and every summer. The Canadian National Exhibition had all kind of fair ground paraphernalia from stuffed toys, to plastic jewelry, and trinkets of all kind. My favourite piece of memorabilia I got each year, was a yellow plastic smily face medallion. That two inch diameter face with the black line smile, and black dots for eyes was happiness to me, and happiness is what’s sexy this

Growing up for me wasn’t always the proverbial bed of roses, yes I had a great childhood considered privileged by many outsiders, however I never saw it that way.  Fights, schoolyard bullying, teasing, fending for myself, and so much uncertainty and soul searching. I couldn’t wait for the yearly journey to the CNE, to that summertime fantasyland and the opportunity to get my coveted yellow round plastic face with the black eyes and smile.

I wore it like a badge of honour, and I was happy. I don’t know what it was that made me feel that way, but with it I felt strong and powerful without a care in the world. When I lost that smily face, or it was taken from me, I was never sure of what the truth was, my world came crashing in.

The interim wait for the next summer’s fair kept me going, and then it came, the first year my coveted idol was nowhere to be found. I was heart broken, with my plastic stranger no longer available to soothe me. For a long time during that trip to the fair I searched high and low for my vacant faced friend to no avail. Towards the end of the day I began to entertain the idea of finding a new confidence idol, but with the end of the day nearing, I realized my chances were going to be slim.

sexy-this-week-happiness-Canadian_National_Exhibition_at_night_2008Honestly I knew I was going to be riding the train home without a consolation buddy and the thought of it had me panic stricken. I was deflated and anxious, and as the train pulled away from the station heading eastward with the throngs of people onboard, I slowly became entranced in the dimming lights of the fair through my glare out the window.

It was a piece of plastic, with black, a hole and a ribbon, that meant so much, but why. Answers that didn’t come right away, but slowly over time I came to realize what that piece of plastic embodied for me, and what it didn’t. That behind that smiling face was where the truths revealed themselves, truths I needed to investigate and accept.

Truths that included making decisions about my own happiness, to take control and make it happen. To step up and own it and know that behind every smiling face, plastic or not, there are just as many depths, complexities, and truths.   

This is sexy this week, and these posts are meant to be short, sweet, and inspirational so I won’t drone on. Your happiness is what you make it, take charge, live the life you want, live the life you

Happiness is within you, within your grasp.

Tidbits: Take Life By The Balls

Take Life By the Balls

Up for a few words of encouragement?

I am, we all know that life has it’s up’s and down’s and we do whatever it is to cope on a daily basis. For me it boils down to a few things, confidence and courage, courage to take what life has to offer, and the confidence to enjoy what it has to offer.

Cause ain’t life grand?

It surely is, and I question why more folks aren’t enjoying what it has to offer, stopping to smell the roses, seize the day, take the reigns, shit and get off the pot, or quite simply TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS! Yes that’s it, TAKE LIFE BY THE BALLS and have a great time of it.


Sexy This Week; The Kindness of Strangers

Holding Daisies

Life is sexy and everything in it, at least it should be to be each and every person. It’s not always about in your face sex, sex, sex, which however is what I think about on an almost constant basis, but for those that read my work and follow my activism, you’ll know I am about so much more. We all like to feel good, and we get to feel good in so many different ways, through communication, touch, laughter and of course sex, but how about kindness? The kindness of strangers, that’s what sexy this week.

Forgive me for being overly philosophical or emotional, but I have met a lot of folks in my travels, and folks that I don’t even know. Folks that make it a habit of saying hello or generally complimenting me on something they have seen me do, or read about. As a public figure, and no not on the level of Hollywood personalities, but a local community personality, I am definitely out there in the public eye. Just research that in my news section or by doing a lovely google search. (more…)