Photographer Rick Legal


Photographer Rick Legal is man talented behind the lens! I’ve worked with a lot of photographers, some good, some not so good, and some great! I’ve decided I’m going to start in


troducing you to them, and for me there is no time like the present to show you some of my greats. From the “Wild and Wondrous” side of Wacky Wednesday, I give  you, Rick Legal.


I’ve stood in front of his camera many times, and I’ve always been pleasantly surprised by what he sees through the lens of his camera, and what he is able to capture. Described as “shy” and “bold” by Yukiko Onley in an article from 2011in the Vancouver Observer , I can honestly say he is both, and more!

He may start off as shy when getting to know him, however it soon becomes clear he knows what he wants and is eager to get it! He is truly one of the few photographers that chooses to capture shots in black and white, producing edgy, sexy, and compelling images that can also border on dark.  His choice of models are strong and raw, not afraid to bare it all, in striking poses that command the viewers attention.


His landscapes capture timeless and seriously picturesque visions that seem to go on forever, and with the combination of a model, well lets just say the image is brought to a new level of intrigue, and harmonious bend between the model and the setting. WW 49 Photographer Rick Legal_tumblr_oz2kcohLeR1qaz9xpo1_1280

A recent study he produced, involved playing around with the soft colourization of his shots evoking the sensuality of a Playboy presentation from the magazine’s early years. There is most definitely a certain sensuality in what he captures that is absolutely not submissive. The models are in control, and his keen eye is able to capture that control through the lens of his camera.


Agreed, some of his work is unexpected, and he has a lot to see, so obviusly I can’t share it all here, and I think you get my point. Truthfully what would you expect from a “shy” man originally from Winnipeg, Manitoba, that is truthfully not. As an artist, provocation is clearly what he has a firm grasp on and I’m happy to see him here in Vancouver, BC.





Hop on over and have a look and a follow;





Fairytales and Castles, That’s What’s Sexy This Week

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

My family hails from a small but steeped in history country, Denmark, a country of fairytales and castles. Soft rolling hills, green pastures, 1000 year old cities. A country surrounded by bodies of water that cradle this now peaceful land like two gentle hands that meet at the tip top in a place called Skagen. The trip to Skagen is magical as you drive you through countrysides of soft rolling hills, and sand dunes that have a life of their own, that literally eat up the buildings of yesteryear. Creamy white sand reclaiming what man has made returning it to the elements from whence it came. Sexy This week-fairytales-castles-Skagens-sand-engulfed-churchA road trip we took many times through country dotted with architecture and structures from a time gone by. Structures of stone and metal, manors, and castles of grandeur, that for most people can only imagine seeing in their dreams. Dreams that bring to life stories, feelings, and thoughts of hope and the future, fairytales and castles, that’s what sexy this week.

As a child I was always taught to dream big, that I could do anything, that everything was within my grasp. As I grew older, that education somehow flipped, and the new lessons now became nightmares as I was told my dreams were unrealistic and I should focus on attainable goals. Goals not of my own, because my dreams couldn’t possibly amount to anything in the real world, they were just, and always would be, dreams.

sexy-this-week-fairytales-Rosenborg-Castle-Copenhagen-2I didn’t realize it then, but those trips to the country of my family’s origin and the obligatory trips to the castles and manors that dot the countryside of Denmark, would shape my desires to continue to dream, and dream big! In all honesty, I hated these trips, the ritual of my mother getting us ready to go, the journey to get there and then the self guided tours. The architecture bored me, the room decor was old and smelled, and the art, well just big and rather strange. Grande paintings of people I cared not about, still life’s that made no sense, and landscapes so huge the painted expanses scared me, but yet there it was…….

All this observation, unbeknownst to me, was working its way into my subconscious and embedding itself forever. The opulence, the grandeur, the realization that for me, fairytales can come true. To dream big and live it, whatever and however big that fairytale may be, to not let your dreams be defined as unrealistic by others, to be continually and forever

We know inspiration comes in many forms, and for me the castles and manors of yesteryear were a good place to start. To be in awe; the detailed artwork, explicit colours, opulent room decor, and extravagant architecture all woven into the tapestry of my imagination. To believe that dreams and fairytales can and do come true, to see if for real, smell it, touch it and taste it. To see what the minds of the big dreamers accomplished and created, and know that I could and can achieve that to, if I want to.


Maybe my mother had an ulterior motive on these ventures to inspire her children to dream big, a motive I realized long ago I am now more than grateful for, but maybe she didn’t. Maybe it was her way to inspire herself because the rest of the rest of the year she was looking after four brats in a mundane existence. Of course I know that’s not true, that was my childhood mind speaking. The truth of the matter is we kids were being inspired to dream big, to be continually and forever inspired, my mother was just planting the seeds. I just needed watering, and the garden


Thanks mom!!!

I believe in fairytales, fantasy, and dreams coming true, and as children one thing is clear, we all read, or have had read to us fairytales, and as adults that seems to fade away. What am I suggesting? Pick up a book, read a story, or run through the halls of a fairytale castle and be inspired. Whatever your fairytale, fantasy, whatever it is that inspires you to let your gardens grow, just do it! Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!



Art In the Eyes of the Beholder, That’s What Sexy This Week



Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, and art is subject to the same, the interpretations of each and every individual person. The personal tastes of one person are completely different from that of the next, what I like as art, you may not. I try to find beauty in all I see, if not the whole picture, then an element or two of it. I’m busy keeping myself stimulated, inspired, and motivated to keep the dreams alive. Appreciating the creations produced for my enjoyment, art in the eyes of the beholder, that’s what sexy this week.


sexy-this-week-art-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder-leonardo-davinci-mona-lisaSpeaking for myself, I have a very different way of approaching life that not many people ascribe to. I’m busy trying to find beauty wherever I go and in whatever I see. From the animate to the inanimate, and some art, just like some people, can be down right ugly! Yes I said it, people can be ugly as well, and I do my best not to dwell on that and move on when it’s clear there is no beauty to behold.

Art appreciation makes it easier to find that beauty, that stimulation, inspiration and motivation, to be emotionally moved from the enjoyment. To observe grande scale works and be captivated from a single element that draws the viewer into a world of fantasy. To invoke  memories from the past, or grow ideas for the future. To be blown away by awe-inspiring, images, paintings and

To not just see, but literally taste, touch, smell and hear the colours, as the vibrancy comes alive. Story telling through engaging imagery to play on and in the mind of the beholder, a distraction from the possibility of the daily mundane. To find if not one, but many elements of beauty and be forever stimulated, inspired, and motivated to keep the dreams



For even further context, have a look at this beautiful article over at Medium by Iris, to keep a person motivated and inspired to produce what they love.

Art for art’s sake for all to enjoy.


Latex Art, Bold and Beautiful for this Week’s Wacky Wednesday



Latex art that’s bold and beautiful! As a fetishist, I scour the internet for all kinds of lovely jewels and this pretty lady, Michelle Mildenhall is a UK artist with a very unique “pop art style,” unique because it’s created using latex.


Some folks would label her work as provocative, for me I see it as progressive, utilizing a substance so coveted for BDSM fashions and pervery it was just a matter of time to see it used to create visual delights to be hung on any connoisseur’s walls.


With her work reminiscent of the late Andy Warhol, it’s bold, blunt and distinctive, casually presenting themes that explore BDSM and what would be construed as deviant sexuality by the mainstream masses. Casual presentations that include depictions of a devious smiling Queen Elizabeth and a smug “Tsarina” Valdimir Putin looking like they are ready for action. There’s even the Iron Lady herself Margaret Thatcher looking oh so fetching, and number of other celebrities you’ll be sure to recognize.

Consensual Kink is her latest exhibition which runs two weeks from the end of September at the Lilford Gallery in the heart of Folkestone’s artist quarter at Georges House, 8 The Old High Street, Folkestone CT20 1RL. Gallery opening hours are 10am-5pm.wacky-wednesday-michelle-mildenhall-art

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Wacky Wednesday: Enchanted Doll, Dolls by Marina Bychkova

WW-42 Marina-Bychkova-cathedral

Enchanted Doll, doll’s by Marina Bychkova, a Russian-Canadian figurative artist and founder of Enchanted Doll™- a luxury toy label of exquisite, porcelain dolls. are nothing short of what she calls her site. Enchanting, yet another great find from my travels in the Pinterest realm.

Most people know I love dolls, but more in particular dolls produced in the style of what I call, the “Barbie” look. Dolls for the most part considered outrageous and not good role models for little girls. Well folks, these dolls I would say are NOT for little girls or boys, but for the adult minded that take great care and pride in displaying these gems of exquisite artistry. These dolls are enchanting fairy tales brought to life for the serious connoisseur of things beautiful.

These dolls are made with great care from ceramics, bendable, movable dolls crafted with great detail paying strict attention to the colour of the skin and make-up, the accessories used to adorn them, fabrics for the costumes, realistic hair, and facial expressions. Even the genitalia is expertly painted and detailed! Yes she creates dolls that are beautifully nude, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, dressed beyond compare. Fantasy is not something she shies away from.


Wacky Wednesday: Matt Crump’s Rich Pastel Photographic Manipulations


Most folks shy away from the use of pastels, especially men, however Matt Crump’s rich pastels photographic manipulations prove otherwise,  proof he has embraced the use of pastels and is producing some incredible works of art that are downright delicious.

Wikipedia describes; 

“Pastels or pastel colours are the family of colours which, when described in the HSV colour space, have high value and low to intermediate saturation. The name comes from pastels, art media characteristic of this colour family. The colours of this family are usually described as “soothing”,”soft”, “near neutral”, “milky”, “washed out”, “desaturated”, and lacking strong chromatic content.

Pink, mauve, and baby blue are typical pastel colours.”

Everyone knows I’m big on pink and pastels, and if you don’t, well now you do! I feel and believe there is so much strength in these types of colours that paired with black or other colours, shades, and tones of opposite value or slight variation on the colour wheel, they are downright sexy and awe inspiring.


Wacky Wednesday: Erotic African Art, A Feast For The Senses, and Sensibilities


In this instalment of Wacky Wednesday, we flip and bring you Wondrous Wednesday and present South African artist,  Lady Skollie. Based out of Johannesburg she creates erotic art that’s a visual feast for the eyes, and well, other parts of the body. Her work is bold, and brash, full of colour and life, a feast for all senses!

Born in 1987 in Cape Town with the birth name, Laura Windvogel, her pseudonym tells the real story of a woman in control of her own. For those that know Afrikaans, Skollie describes a person of colour as a suspicious character, used by the police of the area, so it seems fitting that at she would use it in her own name.

In a recent article for The Huffington Post by Priscilla Frank , she tells of the history of her people, the “Khoisan Tribe, a group that 22,000 years ago was the largest on the planet but now numbers approximately 100,000”. Its a humbling short read that gives great descriptive on her work and choice mediums in which to produce her elaborate work. Work that is without a doubt thought provoking.

Her work is currently on display at the Tyburn Gallery London.

A feast, well worth it.

Wacky Wednesday: ERIC STANTON Blast From The Past


I LOVE art, and I am sure that’s no big surprise to most of you out there, who know me well, and those who don’t. I am very influenced but the provocation, the beauty, the colours, and the strength each artist is trying to convey.

One of my favourite blasts from the past is none other than Eric Stanton, Sept. 30/1926—March 17/1999 considered one oferic-stanton-baroness America’s best bondage and fetish illustrators, cartoonist, and comic-book artist, with the majority of his work depicting female dominance scenarios.


Wacky Wednesday: PLUSH by Marilyn Minter; Some Pubic Consumption

MM pubes

I love presentations of female sexuality, created and presented by women. It has a very distinct and different feel than the art produced by their male counterparts in the art world. Less objectified, if we can say that, although I am not opposed to a some objectification now and then.MarilynMinter_Brooch

Marilyn Minter is just such a woman.

To say her work is unique is an understatement, she has worked with photo, video, and paintings producing work with lush vivid colours evoking emotive desire around the female form and beauty in all it’s shapes and sizes. Her work spans over three decades.


Wacky Wednesday; Golden Poop

golden poop

Just when you thought art couldn’t get any better, ART, just keeps on getting better. For that little something extra for the asshole in your life is this lovely piece of poop, albeit steam free. Coiled up like the view many of you get when you turn back for that wipe and quick glance into the bowl of your own piece of art that many tend to brag about to friends, family, and loved ones. On the flip side, I can think of delivering this lovely golden coil to those most deserving, a lovely reminder of the truly golden piece of shit they are! That is however, the way I am interpreting this lovely piece of art. After all, art truly is in the eye of the beholder! 🙂

For more fun and thought provoking pieces have a gander at what the folks at The Plaid Zebra have “compiled for you. Truly inspiring!

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