Sexy This Week

Soft Silky Bed-Sheets for Sexy This week


Soft silky bed sheets draped across a bed, and wrapped around a mattress. Fabrics that come in a multitude of colours and patterns, fibers and thread counts. Sheets to enmesh a nude body for a bit of cooling on a sensuous summer’s eve or warmth for a cold winter’s night. Alone or accompanied, sheets that comfort and soothe a weary body, a tired mind, or a napping babe. Bed sheets that cocoon and protect for watching a good movie or curl up in with a good book. Soft silky bed sheets, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Coming from a Danish family, in our household we were brought up with feather duvets to lay on and get covered over with, down filled pillows, and high percale sheets. I didn’t know those details at the time because I was kid, and quite frankly, to busy to care, because that’s what kids do, eat, sleep, and play, and I was no exception.

When the time came for me to buy my first set of sheets, I went cheap, and what a mistake that was. They pilled, they balled, they were rough and scratchy, tore super easy, and in the Toronto mid-summer heat, they were hot as hell. Never again was I to make that mistake.

I love a good night’s sleep or a much needed nap to refresh and recharge my batteries and what better accompaniments then soft silky sheets?

I usually sleep in the nude, but from time to time in my one of my vintage lingerie sets, and I love the feel of good fabrics against my bare skin, or satin covered butt. It’s cozy, comforting, and soothing, and Like everyone else, I have many more reasons for loving them.

Now I’m not suggesting that a person spend outrageous amounts of money to get good sheets, they can be stupidly expensive. There’s no need to break your bank account, but buy cheap, and you’ll most likely regret it. I choose to find a happy mid range, one that I can afford, from bed linens that meet my needs, and last for some time without the need to replace them.


I won’t go on painting a picture as it truly is worth a thousand words, but truly there’s nothing like quality bedding. The soft silky feel, the sensuality, the comfort, a good night’s rest. Go out and indulge, you’ll thank yourself for it.

But don’t take my words for it.   

Transgender Day of Remembrance TDOR


Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR), also known as the International Transgender Day of Remembrance, is observed annually on November 20 as a day to memorialize those who have been murdered as a result of transphobia and to draw attention to the continued violence endured by the transgender community. However, for many of us it means so much more and in different ways. Transgender Day of Remembrance, that’s what’s important this week.

You may be thinking to yourself this is usually the slot for Sexy This Week and what relevance it has. Well as a woman with my unique, medical history, it has a lot of relevance, so let me explain.

I’ve been through a lot of tough, rough, not so nice things in my life and yet, I’m still here to tell my tales. However there are those that the same cannot be said of. Innocent people who lost their lives just for being themselves, unique, brave, and beautiful people wanting to live healthy happy lives just like anyone else. I’m one of those people, and so are many others I know, that’s what the relevance is, and it doesn’t need anymore more explaining beyond that.

As human beings we seem to be always fighting for our freedoms and human rights, and the trans community is no exception. Being targeted for being different or misunderstood is no fun, trust me I know that only to well. However it most certainly hasn’t weakened my resolve to continue standing up for myself and the rights of others by using my voice to speak up for myself, and for those who can’t.Velvet-Steele-hot-rollers-coffee-cross

Within all of this imposed negativity I still try to find the beauty of life and humanity and make that tasty lemonade from the lemons life has thrown at me. What’s sweet about my lemonade is I’m able to remember the trail blazers that came before me and think about and appreciate the paths those brave stalwarts paved. Paths now trodden by the many that have come after them, and will continue to be traversed for a longtime to come.

For me, without the positive thoughts, it’s easy to get bogged down in the negative that life has to throw at you. To be trapped, or fearful to move on with your life as a happy healthy human being, and for me, that’s not an option, I can’t, and won’t let it.

Life is to be lived, loved and enjoyed, and I want, and need to remember those who lived it the same, those who were taken to soon from this plane of existence.

As it’s true what they say about “loving your fellow man”, embrace diversity, love what is different, life is already to short.



Fairytales and Castles, That’s What’s Sexy This Week

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark

My family hails from a small but steeped in history country, Denmark, a country of fairytales and castles. Soft rolling hills, green pastures, 1000 year old cities. A country surrounded by bodies of water that cradle this now peaceful land like two gentle hands that meet at the tip top in a place called Skagen. The trip to Skagen is magical as you drive you through countrysides of soft rolling hills, and sand dunes that have a life of their own, that literally eat up the buildings of yesteryear. Creamy white sand reclaiming what man has made returning it to the elements from whence it came. Sexy This week-fairytales-castles-Skagens-sand-engulfed-churchA road trip we took many times through country dotted with architecture and structures from a time gone by. Structures of stone and metal, manors, and castles of grandeur, that for most people can only imagine seeing in their dreams. Dreams that bring to life stories, feelings, and thoughts of hope and the future, fairytales and castles, that’s what sexy this week.

As a child I was always taught to dream big, that I could do anything, that everything was within my grasp. As I grew older, that education somehow flipped, and the new lessons now became nightmares as I was told my dreams were unrealistic and I should focus on attainable goals. Goals not of my own, because my dreams couldn’t possibly amount to anything in the real world, they were just, and always would be, dreams.

sexy-this-week-fairytales-Rosenborg-Castle-Copenhagen-2I didn’t realize it then, but those trips to the country of my family’s origin and the obligatory trips to the castles and manors that dot the countryside of Denmark, would shape my desires to continue to dream, and dream big! In all honesty, I hated these trips, the ritual of my mother getting us ready to go, the journey to get there and then the self guided tours. The architecture bored me, the room decor was old and smelled, and the art, well just big and rather strange. Grande paintings of people I cared not about, still life’s that made no sense, and landscapes so huge the painted expanses scared me, but yet there it was…….

All this observation, unbeknownst to me, was working its way into my subconscious and embedding itself forever. The opulence, the grandeur, the realization that for me, fairytales can come true. To dream big and live it, whatever and however big that fairytale may be, to not let your dreams be defined as unrealistic by others, to be continually and forever

We know inspiration comes in many forms, and for me the castles and manors of yesteryear were a good place to start. To be in awe; the detailed artwork, explicit colours, opulent room decor, and extravagant architecture all woven into the tapestry of my imagination. To believe that dreams and fairytales can and do come true, to see if for real, smell it, touch it and taste it. To see what the minds of the big dreamers accomplished and created, and know that I could and can achieve that to, if I want to.


Maybe my mother had an ulterior motive on these ventures to inspire her children to dream big, a motive I realized long ago I am now more than grateful for, but maybe she didn’t. Maybe it was her way to inspire herself because the rest of the rest of the year she was looking after four brats in a mundane existence. Of course I know that’s not true, that was my childhood mind speaking. The truth of the matter is we kids were being inspired to dream big, to be continually and forever inspired, my mother was just planting the seeds. I just needed watering, and the garden


Thanks mom!!!

I believe in fairytales, fantasy, and dreams coming true, and as children one thing is clear, we all read, or have had read to us fairytales, and as adults that seems to fade away. What am I suggesting? Pick up a book, read a story, or run through the halls of a fairytale castle and be inspired. Whatever your fairytale, fantasy, whatever it is that inspires you to let your gardens grow, just do it! Trust me, you’ll be happy you did!



Happiness, That’s What’s Sexy This Week


In my youth, my Mom would take the whole family downtown to the CNE each and every summer. The Canadian National Exhibition had all kind of fair ground paraphernalia from stuffed toys, to plastic jewelry, and trinkets of all kind. My favourite piece of memorabilia I got each year, was a yellow plastic smily face medallion. That two inch diameter face with the black line smile, and black dots for eyes was happiness to me, and happiness is what’s sexy this

Growing up for me wasn’t always the proverbial bed of roses, yes I had a great childhood considered privileged by many outsiders, however I never saw it that way.  Fights, schoolyard bullying, teasing, fending for myself, and so much uncertainty and soul searching. I couldn’t wait for the yearly journey to the CNE, to that summertime fantasyland and the opportunity to get my coveted yellow round plastic face with the black eyes and smile.

I wore it like a badge of honour, and I was happy. I don’t know what it was that made me feel that way, but with it I felt strong and powerful without a care in the world. When I lost that smily face, or it was taken from me, I was never sure of what the truth was, my world came crashing in.

The interim wait for the next summer’s fair kept me going, and then it came, the first year my coveted idol was nowhere to be found. I was heart broken, with my plastic stranger no longer available to soothe me. For a long time during that trip to the fair I searched high and low for my vacant faced friend to no avail. Towards the end of the day I began to entertain the idea of finding a new confidence idol, but with the end of the day nearing, I realized my chances were going to be slim.

sexy-this-week-happiness-Canadian_National_Exhibition_at_night_2008Honestly I knew I was going to be riding the train home without a consolation buddy and the thought of it had me panic stricken. I was deflated and anxious, and as the train pulled away from the station heading eastward with the throngs of people onboard, I slowly became entranced in the dimming lights of the fair through my glare out the window.

It was a piece of plastic, with black, a hole and a ribbon, that meant so much, but why. Answers that didn’t come right away, but slowly over time I came to realize what that piece of plastic embodied for me, and what it didn’t. That behind that smiling face was where the truths revealed themselves, truths I needed to investigate and accept.

Truths that included making decisions about my own happiness, to take control and make it happen. To step up and own it and know that behind every smiling face, plastic or not, there are just as many depths, complexities, and truths.   

This is sexy this week, and these posts are meant to be short, sweet, and inspirational so I won’t drone on. Your happiness is what you make it, take charge, live the life you want, live the life you

Happiness is within you, within your grasp.

Art In the Eyes of the Beholder, That’s What Sexy This Week



Beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder, and art is subject to the same, the interpretations of each and every individual person. The personal tastes of one person are completely different from that of the next, what I like as art, you may not. I try to find beauty in all I see, if not the whole picture, then an element or two of it. I’m busy keeping myself stimulated, inspired, and motivated to keep the dreams alive. Appreciating the creations produced for my enjoyment, art in the eyes of the beholder, that’s what sexy this week.


sexy-this-week-art-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder-leonardo-davinci-mona-lisaSpeaking for myself, I have a very different way of approaching life that not many people ascribe to. I’m busy trying to find beauty wherever I go and in whatever I see. From the animate to the inanimate, and some art, just like some people, can be down right ugly! Yes I said it, people can be ugly as well, and I do my best not to dwell on that and move on when it’s clear there is no beauty to behold.

Art appreciation makes it easier to find that beauty, that stimulation, inspiration and motivation, to be emotionally moved from the enjoyment. To observe grande scale works and be captivated from a single element that draws the viewer into a world of fantasy. To invoke  memories from the past, or grow ideas for the future. To be blown away by awe-inspiring, images, paintings and

To not just see, but literally taste, touch, smell and hear the colours, as the vibrancy comes alive. Story telling through engaging imagery to play on and in the mind of the beholder, a distraction from the possibility of the daily mundane. To find if not one, but many elements of beauty and be forever stimulated, inspired, and motivated to keep the dreams



For even further context, have a look at this beautiful article over at Medium by Iris, to keep a person motivated and inspired to produce what they love.

Art for art’s sake for all to enjoy.


Dramatic Luscious Lip Colours For Fall, That’s What’s Sexy This Week.

Dramatic-Sexy-Lip Colours-for-Fall-ravishing-gloss-red

Lipstick shades come and go, dramatic luscious colours, and throughout the year colour vibrancy changes along with the seasons. In spring time colours lighten up, for the most part summers go nude, and with the fall, colours deepen and intensify. Colour used to make up for the drab of the impending “doom” of the fall and winter seasons. Seasons portrayed as dull and grey and reflected in the fashions of the day, all except the lips. Pouty sexy lips to wear punches of colour through to the returning spring. Dramatic luscious colours in fall, that’s what’s sexy this week.

Dramatic-Sexy-Lip Colours-for-Fall-burnt-orange

I believe in lip colour all year long, spring, summer, fall and winter, as with my love of the four seasons, so is my love of lipstick. Fall however seems to be that time of year when lip colours get stronger, because of what I believe is fashion dictating style. I’m ok with that, my only wish is for people to wear those dramatic luscious colours all year long.

For now making due with the colours offered in fall, like the changing the leaves, colours that are bright, vivid, and alive. A candy shop offering sweet treats to tempt and entice you; passion fruit pinks, lemon drop yellows, caramel creams, gummy bear greens and milk chocolate browns.

High fashion colours like burnt oranges, ravishing reds, chocolate browns, pulsating purples, blackest blacks, you get the idea enough to set those lips and hearts a quiver. Enough to grab and hold the gaze of a fleeting glance. Lips lined or not, glittery glossed, or flat matte lips, alive with colour and attitude. Come hither, or so they may seem, lips in control, lips in command, voluminous lips adorned to demand attention, not for the faint of heart, but to make the heart faint. A shameless plug for Kat Von D, she’s got that figured out!


A simple cosmetic that wields such power. To twist a tube and reveal a stick of sweat drenched colour, a wand unscrewed that “pops” into life to glide across eager waiting lips. To feel the cool wet paint cover warm, blood filled organs. To taste it, lick it, touch it. You know you want to, now go ahead and kiss it.Dramatic-Sexy-Lip Colours-for-Fall-pulsating-purple


Just do as your told!


Beautifully Manicured Sexy Nails for Sexy This Week



Beautifully manicured sexy nails, that’s what sexy this week. Many of us remember being told  “don’t bite your nails” which doesn’t stop some folks from gnawing away, while others take great care to file, buff, extend and polish the horn-like envelope that cover the tips of fingers and toes. Beautifully, painstakingly painted, and well cared for to finish off the fingers and toes, beautifully manicured nails, that is what’s sexy this week.



For millennia, well manicured nails have been much coveted, a status symbol of days gone by that have attracted the attention of all sexes. Young or old are drawn to looking at the finishes that adorn the tips. Bright shiny, or matte colours, patterns, nail art and little sculptures, even jewelled adornment now add to the allure of a finished nail.


A Change of Seasons for Sexy This Week


A change of seasons, that’s what sexy this week!  I truly believe I’m very fortunate living where I do in the world. Everyone living here has the pleasure of four distinct weather changes. We have our spring, summer, fall, and winter. Seasons that bring with them a change in air temperature, pressure, sun, rain, plant life; seasons very distinct and unique and full of attitude. Seasons much needed for change to take place and keep the cycle of life going, to hibernate, recharge, re-stimulate, be re-born so to speak.


Ontario, where my family settled after immigrating to Canada is a province that truly has a set of very distinct seasons. Autumns of fire in patches of yellow, orange and red, bright vivid colours across a painted landscape. A rich visual delight, admired by many on long trips to the north. A short display before turning brown and crumbling to dust as the leaves fall to the ground.

Winters white and cold, and snow sparkling like diamonds when the moon hits it just right. Cold air that kisses a face peeking out from a heavily clothed body braving the cold to play in the snow, or glide across sheets of ice. Temperatures just right for the fashion addicted to layer upon layer, clothes they don’t have the opportunity to wear the rest of the year. Clothes none the less they just had to have.


Hosiery, The Perfect Accessory For All Legs


As the temperature cools with the summer nearing it’s end, and bare legs still fresh in our minds, it’s difficult to muster up the desire to cover up those gams with clothes of some kind. 


The cuffs and hemlines that rose, now get lower, but an age old solution to that situation that’s not only practical, but down right sexy, is hosiery, the perfect accessory for all legs, that’s what sexy this week.

Choosing to wear stockings, stay-ups, pantyhose or leggings is the decision of the wearer, but maybe, just maybe, I can help convince you to put on a pair with a few descriptives of my own.

Did I say I liked to wear hosiery? Well I do, and I have quite the collection of my own silky smooth soft coverings. I love my stockings held up with a garter belt, but I also love my stay-ups for days when I’m going commando under a skirt or dress. Or try a pair of pantyhose that stretch across a firm ass as the best shapely adornment possible for those that want to caress, but the sign says “don’t touch!”


Beach Ready Bodies at Anytime, That’s What’s Sexy This Week


The lead up to the summer each and every year is full of folks opting for the last minute fix to get that media manipulated ideal of the beach ready body. People falling into the brain washing of a quick solution, and buying that quick fix to get lean and muscled, god-like for what the mental conditioning has led them to believe. On the flipside there are those who never fall into that expertly crafted trap, those who are safe and secure in the knowledge they are happy with the body they currently have, or even care for that matter. A body that is not part of the “media manipulated ideal” and ready to hit the beach at any time. Bodies not controlled by the mainstream ideal, beach ready bodies at anytime, that’s what sexy this week.


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