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As Seen In; Georgia Straight, New prostitution law leaves sex workers “invisible and anonymous”, advocate says

sex work speak out

New prostitution law leaves sex workers “invisible and anonymous”, advocate says

by CARLITO PABLO on NOV 6, 2014 at 3:32 PM
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Jessica, a sex worker, spoke out at a press conference critical of the passage of Bill C-36.

As Seen In; HUSH Magazine, The Marathon Man

Couple having sex - woman on top

A hot and heavy session of marathon sex is not without it’s benefits: the closeness, the passion, action, varied positions, all to the culmination of the explosive orgasm. But in reality, once twenty minutes has been surpassed, at least one of the participants, and we’ve all heard this before, is thinking of what colour nail polish to wear next, or if the underwear they put on that morning was actually clean.

Many without knowing it have the world of pornography to thank for that, the often unrealistic time span presentations of couples engaged in endless pounding action and deep throated gobbles. (more…)

As Seen In; HUSH Magazine Workplace Wanks



Slowly the heat begins to rise from your toes up. You feel it take hold of your knees making you weak, ache, unable to get up as goose bumps begin to form across your back, up your spine, and through your shoulder blades as it continues up the back of your neck like the subtle bites you gave your last partner. Soft nips that produced squeals and moans of delight. The tingles are relentless as they push forward; up and over your scalp making hair stand on end, and a reddened face burn white-hot. The feeling moves onward and down your chest, making lazy nipples stand at (more…)

As Seen In; HUSH Magazaine, The Great Outdoors

sex on the beach

The Great Outdoors

Not to long ago I found myself answering a question that was asked of me after a shift at the lounge I used to work at. Playing the game, “question and answer”  similar to the game “truth or dare” I was asked if I had ever had sex outdoors? “No!”, was my quick answer producing gasps of shock and amazement. NO! I had never ventured into the local shubbery (more…)

As Seen In; HUSH MAGAZINE The Crotch Watch with Video to Prove It! LOL


The Crotch Watch with Video to Prove it!! LOL


You know what I am talking about: the coy glances to the crotches of a man that has caught your eye, quick darting glances

as often as a person blinks throughout the day. Its human nature and for those of us that find ourselves in a state of perpetual heat, these are the actions that happen. For most men, low cut waist lines that dip to extremes like the blouses of fashionably dressed women, is just not an option. Their package is their pride and joy, and putting the goods on display through pants that caress the bulges, carrying the meat and potatoes, housing the family jewels, is a learned art that takes time to develop. You have to know what fashion labels to wear with finesse, to wet that appetite of the viewer, a table to be set for a feast soon to be had.

With a multitude of fabric choices the guys are wrapping the goods in the trappings of the day. Faded in the right places, denim, has been a staple since Levis Strauss & Co burst onto the scene in 1853 style of work pants in 1873 to meet the needs of the growing North American industrial age. Denim fits good, is tough, and was never accepted into mainstream fashion as regular wear until the 1950’s when the rebels without causes and the emergence of rock & roll began appealing to the young. Look no further than the album cover for the Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers, with a working zipper over a bigger-than-belief semi in tight fitting jeans. Makes you want to unzip it, right?

Crotch watching is fun, it’s hot, sexy, and done right, anyone can get away with it. Sunglasses are the obvious accoutrement to concealing those eyes that dart back and forth, up and down stealing glances of packed flesh, even the men of the business district all dressed up in tailored suits are not free from the glare of widening eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses. But when dark lenses are not available, there are other alternatives. Let’s consider a few more!

Magazines and newspapers as most know, certainly help with ocular concealment, and depending on the dimensions of that reading material held high, hide a full face and devious eyes. Gently fold down the corner of that paper shield to reveal a full landscape and with the flick of a finger, once again hidden from view. All it takes is a trip to the magazine shop for a look at the naughty newspaper readers pretending to absorb the material in hand. Readers facing the racks of mags with eyeballs in full movement you could mistake them for pool balls bouncing off the sides of the table at the local snooker tournament.

The brim of a hat, cocked to the side, shading the upper part of a face hoping to sneak a peak of the next snack pack walking by. Think of that when buying your next fashion accessory, it’s not just for your head on a bad hair day!

These tips are not just for the casual onlooker. Here’s a look at some of the most crotch-friendly vocations that’ll help you get your look on while making bank.

Going back to the topic of hair, all hairstylists have this firmly in hand, or shall I say view. Seating a client down, in a “semi” reclined position for a thorough scalp massage at the shampoo basin usually gets things stirring! Most men close their eyes for a relaxing scrub in the grip of strong hands, a time when curious stylists and onlookers have free reign to gawk at spread legged crotches generally without fear of getting caught. Think about that the next time you’re off for some trim!

Folks in the service industry know this one all to well, as they are generally used to getting cruised themselves. Servers have mastered the art of the “crotch watch” long ago. Hovering over patrons as the menu is read, staring straight through open arms, hands firmly grasped on the edges of a menu, straight through and down to a crotch seated directly below, Servers with nothing else to do but patiently wait for that menu choice.

Airline attendants have what they call “cabin check”, a systematic observance of the cabin to make sure all is secure. A trip up and down the aisles, tight aisles, looking down, down at raised tables, bags stowed underneath the seat in front or placed neatly in the overhead compartments. With one final check to see if the seatbelt is securely in place over tightly and safely secured bags, in prep, for take-off!

Busted; getting caught while in the transfixed glare of bouncing balls that usually results in a little warmth, flushed colour, and the crack of a smile. Really though, why care? Own it, have fun with it, playful stares and glares never hurt anyone except to help elevate a fragile or bruised ego, never knowing what the end result will be.

A word of advice? Just don’t perv out on it, cause there’s also an art to knowing when to stop. Creepy is creepy, and trust me, you’ll find that out soon enough!

Don’t believe me? Have a look at what I found!

Words by | Velvet Steele

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This article was accomplished by the author in the author’s personal capacity. HUSH Magazine is a place of conversation and platform for independent voices. The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of HUSH Magazine.


As seen in Georgia Straight; Vancouver transgender inclusion report excludes transsexuals, activists say

Trans and gender-variant inclusion working group criticized for recommendations

As Seen In; Daily Xtra, Stop Criminalizing Sex Work, Vancouver Sex Workers Say

Published Tue, Mar 4, 2014 8:25 pm EST



As Seen In HUSH Magazine; High Rise Voyeurs and Exhibitionists

window sex

As we all know the central core of Vancouver is jam packed with high-rise buildings to the point of being known as the most densely populated downtown in all of North America. It goes without saying that “things” get seen and “things” get done. The things I am talking about are sex, and lots of it! Downtown dwellers are doing it from the ground floor and up, all the way to the rooftop (and that equates to a lot of window space). I consider these as stages of the theatres in the sky of each and every building visible on the city skyline. Red-hot stages displaying the actions of the adventurous that have chosen not (more…)

As Seen In: ZoomerSingles, Naughty But Nice Is Never Taboo: Hottest Five Trends In Sex

L'Amour Couleuvrine
Originally Printed in ZoomerSingles.
by; April Lewis aka Lovingly Arrogant
As you may recall in my recent letter to Santa, I said I would rather be naughty than nice. Luckily, I found a way to be both.
I headed to the Taboo…Naughty but Nice Sex Show to check out the latest in Boomer carnal pleasures.
One Saturday night not too long ago I headed downtown to the Taboo…Naughty but Nice Sex Show to check out the latest in Boomer carnal pleasures. The show advertises (more…)

As Seen In; Let’s Talk Safe Sex

Well it’s that time of year again, PRIDE, and I for one am looking forward to it big time! The people, the energy, the vibrancy, feeling, attitude, camaraderie, unconditional love and support! Need I say more? Oh yeah, the sex, lots and lots of sex, and more sex!



Celebrations like these generally warrant the abundance of love and PDA’s and not so public PDA’s. The closed door action, or in my case the open door action! Come on, I’m no angel and most of you know that from what you’ve read, seen, or taken part in with me and my gang. I love a good ol’ celebration as much as the next person and I get right down to it if given the chance! Go for it, call me the “ethical slut” I’ll gladly own that one.

We all get a little crazy during times like these and sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we are not as safe as we should. Yes I am guilty and felt just as equally terrible for not being as safe as I should have been, but I didn’t beat myself up over it. We all make mistakes, but it’s times like these that we should be just a wee bit (more…)

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