As Seen In; Lube

Velvet Steele by Kate McLaren

Velvet Steele by Kate McLaren

I just love it when I am doing trade shows and I ask, “what kind of lube are you looking for” or anything to do with lubricants and the guy pipes up and tells me that they don’t use lube cause he gets her wet all the time!

Say what? Shut the fuck up! You mean to tell me you truly think that you are the bomb and always get her hot and wet each time? You get her telling you the water is always warm so jump right in? Okaaay! (more…)

As Seen In; Sex, Sex, Sex!

Velvet Steele by Kate McLaren

Photo: Kate McLaren

Sex, sex, and more sex! Yes thatʼs whatʼs itʼs all about, that strange wonderful desire controlled by the not so elusive chemicals we call hormones. They dictate how we act, develop, desire, and for some control their every action and thoughts. Trust me, cause as some of you may know and for those that donʼt, hormones certainly have me by the short and curlyʼs! (more…)